Leldon’s Cancer

Key Points of Leldon’s Cancer Journey

My Cancer  

  • February, 2016, I had a sore throat and swollen tonsils.  Went to ENT doctor who did a biopsy.
  • Diagnosis: Cancer. Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma. A systemically aggressive type.
  • Immediately after the biopsy, the cancer mysteriously began to go away without any treatment.

Plausible Explanations

  1. The Lord was healing me.
  2. A missed diagnosis.
  3. My immune system was attacking the cancer.
  4. Spontaneous remission of the cancer.

Current medical status

  1. Wait and see; no drug, chemo or radiation interventions.
  2. Excellent health; under Functional Medical Doctor’s care.

Nutritional lifestyle changes

  1. I have embraced a low carbohydrate, plant rich diet of known cancer fighting foods.


  1. Cancer free!

Summation of journey

  1. Examined by ten doctors in eight different medical centers.
  2. Three body scans with contrast (MRI,PET,CT), a bone marrow biopsy and two endoscopes.
  3. Numerous blood and body fluids/ function tests from seven different labs.
  4. Eight weeks after diagnosis, tests and examinations found no evidence of the cancer.

Personal observations and applications

The conventional medical approach for cancer treatment is protocol centered and not patient centered.  Even after tests revealed no cancer, there was considerable pressure from oncologists to do the traditional rounds of chemo and radiation treatments (R-CHOP +RT).           I found it helpful to get several opinions from multiple perspectives in deciding my course of treatment. A nutrition based immunotherapy was the right treatment for me.   I do believe that becoming gluten free five years prior to the cancer diagnosis was providential; providing a quick response by my immune system to the cancer.  I celebrate each day with thanksgiving to God!

LWN, 8/24/16