Meeting at the Brainerd Kiwanis Club
Meeting at the Brainerd Kiwanis Club

Last Friday the Kiwanis Club of Brainerd was told about the possible health risks related to gluten in the foods we eat. Present to “deglutenize” us by explaining the “gluten conspiracy” was a delightful couple of anti-gluten evangelists: Dr. Leldon Nichols and his wife Delores. In the photo above, they are to the left of three potential “rootin-tootin-anti-gluten-disciples” Bill Pinson, Gene Goodner, and Barbara Segrest.

Both Leldon and Delores are educators. He is a professor of education at Liberty University and Delores is a professor of voice at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. The couple, recently married, was introduced by Cupids Vance and Charlynne Fry. It was as they dated that Delores shared with Leldon her lifelong problem of gluten intolerance that severely hampered her health as a child until her intolerance to gluten was finally discovered. Leldon decided to follow his wife’s diet and quickly took off 55 pounds. Needless to say he continued eating only foods without gluten and experienced some amazingly positive improvements in his overall health.

Eventually, the Nichols decided to write a book about living a gluten free lifestyle. In the photo above, Delores is holding a copy of the book entitled Gluten Conspiracy that introduces readers to what they call “The Wheat Mafia”. Part one of the book exposes the conspiracy that has emerged. Wheat disorders developed as gluten was added to countless products on the supermarket shelves.

Part two of their book gives practical advice for people with gluten issues or who just want to eat gluten free for the improvement of their health. Over 150 delicious recipes with beautiful photos of gluten-free dishes are a major feature of the book.

Click here to purchase the book “Gluten Conspiracy”