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Delores Beery

Delores’ Wheat Story

Dr. LW Nichols

Leldon’s Gluten Free Experience

Publisher’s Preface

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, there has been a 400% increase in as many as 55 human diseases, including obesity, cancer, autism and Alzheimer’s, in a very short time.  Since 1997, there has been a 50% increase in food related health and cognitive issues in children under 18.  These facts are particularly troubling to the authors.

The surge in the above mentioned health and mental issues is believed by many noted health care professionals and scholars to be caused by a systemic immune reaction triggered by ingesting the toxic gluten in modern wheat.  The authors questioned: “Who knew?” “How did this happen?” “Who let it happen?” “Who is responsible?” and “Is there a gluten conspiracy?”

After doing extensive research, the two career educators felt compelled by moral conscience to expose the truth about excessive gluten in processed foods and encourage everyone to confront gluten dependency. Suffering gluten intolerance since childhood, Ms. Beery joins with Dr. Nichols (whose health dramatically improved after breaking his gluten addiction) in producing this informative and useful book for a healthier lifestyle and culture.

About the Authors

Delores Beery is an accomplished vocalist. She earned degrees from the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, in Austria. She sang professionally in Europe for fifteen years and now teaches voice at Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee.

Leldon Nichols has served in leadership roles for several educational and faith-based ministries. He earned his doctorate of education from the University of Tennessee and is presently a full-time professor of education at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Author’s introduction to the book

This book is a culmination of our lived experiences with gluten and our desire to communicate with others what we have learned. We have lived in the time of major developments in modern wheat. The advent of fast foods, convenient stores, light bread and frozen dinners coincided with our formative years. For one of us it has always been necessary to avoid eating wheat because of an intolerance; the other has come to know the benefits of a wheat-free lifestyle, as well as the sorrows of excessive wheat ingestion. In the fact that eating wheat free is a choice for one of us and a necessity for the other, we can identify with most people who want to know more about the threat of wheat. In this book we are happy to share some of our favorite recipes with you and some practical tips for living gluten free. Also, our desire to know more has driven us to research the relationship of wheat to human diseases and disorders. We are passionate to disclose some of the truly remarkable things we have learned.

Our evaluations and conclusions are formulated into simple and logical solutions to the situational threat of a wheat gluten conspiracy. We suggest that you read Part I  with a degree of skepticism. As educators, we believe a good way to learn is through inductive reasoning, which requires higher level and critical thinking. We are not so naïve as to think that everyone will agree. However, we do hope that our work will stimulate widely distributed discussions and debates as to the possibility that the well-being of all humans may be at risk. We believe there is some urgency for everyone to be informed and work together to find the truth about gluten’s conspiracy.