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Gluten Conspiracy

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What you’ll find in this unique two part book:

Part I Exposes:

  1. The gluten situation as it involves the authors personally.
  2. The reasons for and consequences of wheat over consumption.
  3. The question of an organized gluten conspiracy.
  4. The culprits behind the wheat gluten problem.
  5. The need for expanded research designs about wheat related health.
  6. The urgency for consumer awareness and activism for cultural change.

Part II Provides:

  1. Practical solutions for people with gluten issues or those who want to begin a gluten free lifestyle for better health.
  2. Guidelines for identifying gluten in processed foods and avoiding gluten when eating out.
  3. Over 150 wheat free recipes with full color photos.
  4. Numerous links to research and additional information about wheat gluten.

Evidence Based and Holistic

  • Combines the varied scholarly research and perspectives into practical conclusions
  • Includes proteins other than gluten which may be contributing to the wheat problems
  • Relates the modern wheat issues to historical and cultural developments
  • Views nutrigenomics and microbiomics as informative new fields of science
  • Respects a naturalistic and inclusive view of health, healing and wellness